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2:54pm 05-14-2021
Heavenly Father I come to you for Newty that she gets better. NFR needs her and her husband I pray and wish her all the best I ask in out Lord Jesus Christ Name Amen
2:31pm 05-14-2021
lil Angel
pray for blondie to get better soon.
12:55am 05-08-2021
I say this prayer several times a day, not just for my brother, but for all my family and my friends here at PZR and their families and acquaintances.
God, you alone are the Great Healer. When our minds and bodies become weak, we look to you for strength and reassurance. Surround us each day with the presence of Your love and compassion. Quiet our spirit, so that we may know your goodness and be filled with your peace. Grant us the gift of Your wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Amen Thank you everyone for your prayers for my brother Larry. I love you all
4:25pm 05-07-2021
Our dear heavenly father,sending prayers to all my family and friends.
3:44pm 05-07-2021
Dear Father in Heaven, please protect the world whom ever has covid 19 it been worse than ever in the past we want to have a better their life in their future father, also please help people we know who is sick and heath in their life. I also please pray I don't get turn worse on my eyes in my future who ever found out in July 13 at the hospitals at the university I also like to pray other too whoever we don't know just pray for their healing. In Jesus Name AMEN!!!
11:53pm 05-05-2021
dear Heavenly father i want to send out prayers to the people fighting this horriable virus and any other illness in the name of god keep them all in your hearts and prayers and i pray for all my family and friends AMEN love always God Bless You All
7:19am 05-05-2021
Our dear heavenly father, We lift up all those who are facing various illnesses.
Give my loved ones and friends the courage they need today and every day.
Comfort their pain, calm their fears and surround them with your peace. I pray for all my PZR family and friends.
I ask of this in your precious holy name, Amen.
2:56am 05-05-2021
Heavenly Father I come to for all that need you. Our PZR family that's very sick. Heavenly please help them through their illnesses. Heavenly the world still needs them as we do. Please give them the self strength to heal. As for we all morn for them and pray for and their comfort as they heal. God Bless each and everyone of them. Heaveny Father I ask this in our Lord Jesus Christ Name AMEN
9:53pm 05-04-2021
myra Karges
I want to say prayer for all in need Loving God, I pray that you will comfort them in their suffering, lend skill to the hands of my healers, and bless the means used for them. Give them such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when they are afraid, they will put their whole trust in you; through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen
11:59am 05-04-2021
I want to ask for prayers for my cribbage partner Dougie. He Lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was in the hospital about 3-4 weeks ago and had an heart attack--was doing okay so they let him go home. He was having a lot of pain again the other night so when the homecare nurse came to see him-- they decided he needed to go back to the hospital and was gonna head to the bigger city of Halifax for a dye test sometime this morning by ambulance. They would have done surgery right away to fix any blockages they would have found. Well between 5-9am this morning he had 3 additional heart attack so they air lifted him to Halifax instead and he will be in the critical unit upon arrival so they can stabilize him--- if he makes it. I want to pray for his wife and sisters\brothers during this time and also his body doing thru all of these attacks.
12:34am 05-04-2021
Jersey Boy
I want to send prayers for wild child's brother , Larry who is very ill.Also prayers for Stu wingnut.
11:01pm 05-03-2021
There are so many suffering, please pray for them all - friends, familiy, strangers. Trust in God from whom all blessings flow, and as my most dearest friend told me praise God in all His Glory
10:34pm 05-03-2021
sam wiltsch
want to send love and prayers to all who are sick my good see this throw with you
10:30pm 05-03-2021
Cody Brannen
I just need prayer's for my stepfather as far as this test he has to go take on Wednesday about his lungs.thank you all
12:53am 05-03-2021
Almighty Father, for You generously blessed me with my family and friends to love me. I offer this prayer to my family and friends, may you keep them away from danger and sickness. Lord, I pray that when the world surrounds them with ill intentions and wicked souls, may You guard their hearts so that they are reminded of Your Grace. Because of Your Mercy, my family and friends are safe. Lord, You are our Redeemer and our Hope, may You hear the voice of my heart. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.